National Adoption Month- Miracles in Waiting (Part 1of 4)

This is one of my favorite Then & Now Doubletakes I have ever created.  It consisted of these 2 images and  in complete Then & Now form - the Doubletake photo it changes between these images as you move past the photo. 
This is my friend Jenny's and her husband Dave's littles.  When they began their adoption of their little Silvie from the Congo they had no idea the road ahead would include years of delays and leave them wondering not when but if.    It's a story of trust, surrender, faith, provision and ultimately redemption.    A visual miracle happening between the 2 pictures.  How cool is that? This is the epitome of what Then & Now Doubletakes is all about.  Storytelling at its best. Because sometimes the magnitude of the emotion is too big for words.


(This photo inspired me to create our own adoption Then & Now (details in part 4)). 

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